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APRIL 2019

We moved our office to Santo Cristo and started the construction of 3C factory


Eduardo Diehl and João Gabriel, friends since high school, create a blog and Instagram account ‘The Beer-based Life’ with the intention of sharing with friends their discoveries about the beer world. In that year Eduardo shared beers found in Brazil (most of them imported as there were almost no national brands at the time) and João Gabriel shared the experiences of his exchange program in London.

APRIL 2013

Increasingly immersed in the world of beers, João Filipe comes along and completes the trio. This was the point where we began to venture into the production of homebrewed beer. Without any experience, we were learning and testing our recipes at a garage in Vale das Videiras (Rio de Janeiro mountain region)

MAY 2013

Our first beer, still homebrewed. An American IPA.


We released our first logo on social networks so friends and family could start following our evolution.


We ran several tests on different styles of beers before our first commercial batch.


In addition to the studies we made, we also made many trips to search for trends in the United States and Europe markets, visiting loads of different breweries to seek for knowledge.

JUNE 2014

We redesigned our logo by giving it a "craft" touch and adding elements of beer production.

21 NOVEMBER 2014

With only 15 days in the market we won a Platinum Medal for the best beer of Mondial de La Bière Rio 2014.


We launched our first beer, the Session IPA NEMA. Our first commercial event at Brewteco Leblon was a success and we sold several kegs of it in a matter of hours.


We ended the year with 3 bottled beers. IPA NEMA, Leblon and our first collab, the #SQN (with 2Cabeças brewery)


We ended the year with 4 new beers in our portfolio. We released LAPA and COPAcabana in the Bairros (neighborhoods) line. The Caça-Palavras and #TBT on the seasonal line.


We released our first beer of the Reserve line.

JUNE 2016

Gold Medal at Mondial de la Bière Montreal 2016 in Canada with Reserva 061114 (2016)


Gold Medal at Mondial de Lá Bière Rio 2016 with #TBT (collab with 2Cabeças)


In that year more than 15 new labels were released, 9 of them at once in the Mondial de Lá Bière Rio 2017.


Gold medal at Mondial de Lá Bière Rio 2017 with the Quebra-Cabeça I (Puzzle).


We ended the year with 20 new beers brewed. So far, we have produced more than 40 different labels.


First race of the 3Cariocas Running Club.

JULY 2018

It's been almost 4 years since the first 3C beer was sold, plugged in and drunk by you. At that time the three little faces were physically changing and evolving as people. Together, 3C was changing and horizons were opening. Today we are more than 3, much more than 3 faces, we are a family of Cariocas. Today we are far beyond a brewery, we are people looking to transform experiences into their best state.


Opening of 3Cariocas Taphouse in Botafogo.


First round of 3C • Equity crowdfunding was a success and it’s already the biggest round of Equity Crowdfunding in the country! There are 146 new Cariocas who believed and trusted us! Thank you all! New challenges are coming!

João Gabriel Reis

chief operating officer & head brewer / co-founder

João Filipe Rocha

chief commercial officer / co-founder

Rodrigo Elian

sales / partner

Thainan Castro

chief illustrator officer / partner

Eduardo Diehl



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