Every ride a beer? Or every beer a ride? What comes first?

3C has partnered with Girus Bike, a biking training center, equipped with high performance bikes, designed in England, to provide the best support possible for our athletes (amateurs and professionals) to practice on. You'll be coached by the World Marathon Cycling Champion, Daniela Genovesi.

In addition to the indoor training sessions at Girus, we'll also go in groups to Rios' mountains, to Aterro do Flamengo during the night and even train long distances during the weekend. At the end of the month, your commitment to Dani's earns you points.
Earn points, get beers.



• Indoor (Girus Bike)

• Mountain (asphalt ascent)

• Aterro do Flamengo (asphalt plane)

• Big workout (above 2h30)


The sport is part of 3C's history. The friendship of us started years ago when the 3 were part of the volleyball team of the school.

We were growing and getting old, and the beer was being more part of our lives. So we started 3Cariocas together.

It was few years until we realized that beer and sports are not two worlds apart, and together they can live in harmony. We created 3Cariocas Cycling Club to bring those people who cherish balance between sport and the pleasure of drinking good beers.


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