We put all our principles on the table to develop this program. We broke equity fundraising paradigms. We revolutionized personal investment experiences. We found a creative way to go after expansion. And we brought people together in the search of something unkown.

It's about shifting small business financing forever, with a 21st century twist that puts people that really care about the business up front.

Crowdfunding has now led to the democratization of investments. Anyone can invest in a company they like or that creates products and services they enjoy using. And we believe that women and men who drink our beers should have the opportunity to buy 3Cariocas shares and become involved in everything we do.

As well as the chance to share the growth of the company, here are some of the other benefits of investing in 3C and becoming a Carioca:

- A personalized 3C equity ID card;

- 15% discount at 3C taphouse by presenting the card;

- 10% discount on our online store (when available);

- 10% discount on 3Cariocas Running Club;

- 10% discount on 3Cariocas Running Club races;

- 3 half pints on us on your birthday month by presenting the card;

- Voting in the selection of a seasonal label per year;

- Take part on our annual shareholders' event;

- Special invitation for the opening of our production facility;

- Special invitation for the pre-opening of new bars;

- Access to the online environment on our website, exclusive to shareholders;

- Exclusive access to 3Cariocas news, know everything first hand;

- Soon even more benefits;

And remember: every beer you drink, the wealthier you get.  

We could have simply gone to a financial institution or a large investor and asked for a capital injection. However, we didn’t want to grow the easy way, but in our own way.

Our mission is to create a community of people, adventurous, enthusiastic like us. We are determined to change the world of beer and we want you to change it with us.


- Main objective: Construction of our first facility

- Funding amount: R$ 2 MILLION

- Company shares: 24%

- New Cariocas: 146

- Average ticket: R$ 13,698.63 / carioca

- Opening date: 6/27/18

- Closing date: 09/10/18


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